Forms for Child Nutrition Programs

Afterschool Snack Program

Afterschool Snack Schedule B SY 14/15 (fillable .pdf)

Afterschool Snack Program Review From/On-Site Review Form (.xls)

Community Eligibility Provision

CEP District Notification Report

CEP School Notification Report

NSLP Equipment Assistance Grants- Fiscal Year 2013

DUE Friday May 9, 2014

Part I, Grant Description

Part II Section I District Application and Checklist

Part II Section 2 Application by School

Equipment Grant - Legal Requirements for Grants and Procurement

 Free and Reduced Price Meals 2014-2015

Forms Packet 2014-2015 (.doc)

Forms Packet 2014-2015 (.pdf)

Eligibility Guidelines 2014-15

Free & Reduced Meals Applications 2014-2015 (.doc)

Free & Reduced Meals Applications 2014-2015 (.pdf)

Spanish Packet 2014-2015 (.doc)

Spanish Packet 2014-2015 (.pdf)

Healthy Schools

Committee Reporting Form for Nutrition and Physical Activity or Wellness Committee (.pdf)

Health Inspection Form 13/14 (.pdf)

Health Inspection Form 13/14 (.doc)

Wellness Policy

Wellness Committee Form (.xlsx)

Wellness Committee Form (.pdf)

Wellness Committee Responsibilities Documentation Form (Updated October 2013)

Program Management


Menu Planning Tool (Lunch Menu Planning Tool beginning SY 2012-2013) – Developed by the Iowa Department of Education, Nutrition Services

Blank Recipe Form

Production Records

Meals Per Labor Hour Worksheet (SY2013-14) (Revised October 2013)

Sample Staffing Guidelines using Meals per Labor Hour (.pdf) (from Iowa Dept. of Ed. 9/27/06)

Documentation of Child Nutrition Training for Staff SY10/11 

Training Hours (no watermark)

On Site Review (Revised January 2014)

2014-2015 Eligibility Master Roster less than 1000 students

2014-2015 Eligibility Master Roster over 1000 students

Direct Certification Other Students List

Certification of Disability for Special Dietary Needs Form (.pdf)

Time Certification Form - 100% Child Nutrition (.doc)

Time Certification Form - Less Than 100% Child Nutrition (.xls)

Bid Tabulation Form - August 2009 (.xls)


Claim Reimbursement 2014/15 (xls) - Instructions for Claim Form 2014/15 (doc)

Cash Management Worksheet (.xls)

Daily Record Form (.xls) 

Edit Check Worksheet (.doc)

Safety Net Listing 2014-2015

FFVP Claim for Reimbursement (Excel) 2014-15 (SY 2014-2015 ONLY for those schools approved to participate in the FFVP) NOTE: Claim updated 08/14

Instructions for 2014-2015 FFVP Claim for Reimbursement (.pdf) - NOTE:  This form was updated 6/12.

Summer Meals Program

Seamless Summer Schedule C-15 SY 14/15 (.doc)

Seamless Summer Schedule C-15 SY 14/15 (.pdf)

Cycle II

Other Students Report SY 14-15

Verification Reporting

Verification Timeline

FNS-742-SFA Verification Collection Report 2013 (2013)

Sample Standard Verification List 2014-2015


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